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Micro implant Screw for Anchorage in Orthodontics

Case Examples

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Case 1 shows intrusion. Case 2 shows cuspid retraction in 3 months, no load on molar, no need for cl II elastic, no need for patient cooperation.

Here in A you can note that teeth number 12 and 13 have 100 percent Overbite. Can of occlusal plane from frontal view is tilted. Titanium screw was used in this case. It was covered by mucosa soon after placement( B). You can see the progress  and it was debonded after 3 months, . Screw was easily removed as you can see in the pics below. Please send your comments or queries to you can also ask for the pdf document describing the screw placement process in detail or download is here.

This pure Titanium screw is made in India and costs only about Rs. 600 each.







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Casefile 1

Casefile 2

Casefile 3

Casefile 4

Casefile 5

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