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Help your child develop literary skills

Wonderful short stories
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Guide To Creative Writing For Kids
Young Writer's Clubhouse
Kid Authors: This Could Be You
Keys To Writing Success
The Young Writers Club
Positively Poetry
Poetry Pals
ToonaCat's Writing Place
Inkspot For Young Writers
The Purple Crayon
Aaron Shepard's Kidwriter Page
Maintained by a children's editor, here are original articles, children's literature/writing links and more.

Here is collection of Stories and Poems. You are welcome to submit your work too. Email it to   
Click on these links to read some interesting story and poems:       

Other Related Sites:

Young Writers: Feature Articles
Center For Talented Youth Writing Tutorials
For Kids
KidNews MidLink Magazine: The Electronic Magazine For Kids In The Middle Grades
The Kidworld Writing Contest


General Reference resources for a Writer



A site that has been in the business of providing writing resources for about as long as we have been providing quality writing instruction. We highly recommend that you check out their many articles and links for information you may be seeking about almost any aspect of writing. Inkspot can also help you sift through the many rich resources the Web has for grammar and style, research, reference, and information about the craft of writing itself.
Inkspot's newsletter, INKLINGS (, is also full of classifieds, markets, resources and more.

Writers Beware
An excellent source from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association. This section deals with book doctors, case studies on various scams, contests and vanity anthologies, copyright, electronic publication and rights, literary agents, and subsidy and vanity publishers. The SFWA site overall ( is also a good source not only for sf/f writers, but writers in general. 

Garbl's Writing Resources Online
I have quite a few bookmarks concerning English grammar, style and usage, words, etc., but Garbl seems to have them ALL in his annotated directory of online writing  sites.

Locus is the long-standing print source about sf/f publishing and the Web site is a great extension of it!

DarkEcho Horror
Useful site for anyone interested in horror and horror writing. Info on free weekly email newsletter and dark fiction/ horror writing workshop.

Mary Soon Lee's Speculative Fiction Page
Nothing fancy, but good basics about  how to submit, sf/fantasy markets, etc. from a writer who has been there.


Internet Journalism Resources:
Huge listing of  Web search tools, journalism resources, international communication, writing and editing help, listservs, usenet groups, Net help, etc.


A Tangled Web
Wide range of links to crime/mystery fiction related sites, "tools of the crime fiction trade," etc.

Many resources for both mystery fans and writers. Includes the "Deadly Directory."


Romancing The Web
Information and resources for romance writers and readers.


The overly-animated lay-out defeats the informative purpose here, but it does offer a lot of links.

Screenwriters and Playwrights Page
Maintained by our own Charles Deemer, this is one of the oldest and best resources about screenwriting and playwriting on the Web 


Poetry Super Highway
Access resources, read poetry, find online publications, submit, find other poets, add  your own link and individual poet pages...a real find for poets.


A Web of On-line Dictionaries
Indexes online dictionaries, thesauri, and such with preference given to free sources, but with "exceptionally rare and/or unusually well-executed" downloadable and subscription sources as well.

One Look Dictionaries
Look up 2910725 words in 583 indexed dictionaries!

Travlang's Translating Dictionaries
Free online translating dictionaries in a number of combinations: 
German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian,  Frisian, Afrikaans, Hungarian, Czech, Esperanto and Latin.

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