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DO not waste fortune for buying costly microimplants. Buy our product which has been clinically tested for over 8 years. Start and you will never look back.
This is a golden opportunity at negligible cost, Just for Rs.7500/- (150 Euro outside India) plus postage we will send you the following:

  • Holding Screw driver, withFriction grip
  • 10 Implant screws 1.3mm dia and 8 mm long, (titanium)other sizes-1.5mm dia and 9 and 11 mm lenght also available
  • Technique guide
Repeat order can be placed for individual screws for Rs. 600 each (12 Euro). You will soon find that you need to spend less chairtime on each of your patient and they will appreciate that you are able to finish treatment faster and no need for using elastics. You will also be able to accept cases that you previouly rejected for want of anchorage.

Technical support will be available and live demo can be arranged for groups. Do not miss this golden opportunity to enhance your professional skills

Moreover our system is very simple and fast. No complicated method or drilling, it takes hardly a minute to place and load the screw. And you will find your post op results are achieved much faster and better quality with hardly any dependence on patient cooperation.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to email or call.

To order please email to or call  +91 94481 91202

HERE is the pics of the screw, two types of screw drivers and miniplates. Send your enquiry and we will email you invoice.

Hundered of dentists/orthodontists are already enjoying the EASY/Efficient orthodontics with the help of MIA come and join to get these benefits for you and your patients.

Download Technique Guide

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