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At Healthmantra We DONOT sell anything, do not confuse other agents (we have nothing to do with them) who sell product/services under name "healthmanttra", please do not send email to us for such issues.

Please send us your query and we will normally respond in 24 hours. Our phone may be unreachable when we are travelling. If you are unable to reach us, please email/ sms/ Whatsapp us your phone number, and we shall respond at our earliest.

Some times email goes to spam, to ensure quick reply Please send email to both the email addresses, that way you ensure a faster response.

Mobile number +91-94481 91202-Call or whatsapp

contact info and email both can be used to contact Health Mantra, if you need to discus details feel free to call. India is GMT +5.30 so keep the time factor.

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