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Asymmetrical extraction and correction with Mini implants in orthodontics

This is another case which illustrates the extreme usefulness of implant screw anchorage in orthodontic treatment. GP a 23 year old female came for correction of her irregular teeth and labially placed maxillary canine. She displayed facial assymetry and crowding of max and mand anterior segments. Her dental midline was not matching facial midline. It was decided to extract lett max pm which had a full crown and did not look healthy in radiograph.
Case was treated in one year. whole arch was shifted to left side to align max canine. A and B show pretreatment pics and C and D show post op. See how the midline now looks nice. Notice the improvement in the gingival margins. This treatment was carried out with help of MI with almost no cooperation from patient.

Facial pict pre & post treatment
Occlusal views pre and post trt