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February 8, 2013

Dissolve DCI, Govt college scam, Tooth Eye link, German dentist fined, Revolution, Fat burns gums,

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Parliament should dissolve the DCI- Says Azad
“Under the present act, the government does not have much powers because the dental council has been constituted under an act of parliament. The council elects its own secretaries and representatives,” Azad said while answering a query on the DCI scam.
He agreed that the existing set up is flawed and that parliament should dissolve the DCI and the government should bring in a new legislation through ordinance.
On action to be taken against the colleges allegedly involved in the scam, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare S. Gandhiselvan said: “The investigating agencies are looking into the matter and only after the probe is completed that the government will take any action.” MORE HERE

What caused death of 3 year old ?
According to sources Dr Raviraj was doing a rct under conscious sedation.  As per opinion of experts- biggest risk in this type of cases is aspiration which can lead to respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest. Dentists are normally habitual of using water and irrigants as a routine and mouth during procedures and this makes risk of aspiration of liquids very real. Even for a 5 minute procedure it is advisable to use intubation to avoid these problems. Even according to local newspaper report boy had swallowed his vomit. NEWS LINK

Army College of calls for  BDS/MDS admissions
Army College of Dental Science (ACDS), Secunderabad invites application for entrance exam for admissions to Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) courses commencing in the session 2013-14. MORE HERE

German dentist fined for filming staff in dressing room
A German dentist who secretly filmed his female staff in the dressing room over several years has to pay around €50,000 in compensation. According to media reports, about 7,000 film sequences were found on the man’s computer.
Several German news websites reported the case, which recently came before the Gera labour court. The dentist was accused of having watched and filmed the women from his office since 2007, possibly even longer. He was found out about a year ago, when the dental assistants found the key to their boss’s office while cleaning and entered the constantly locked room out of curiosity. Inside they found a monitor that broadcast live images from the dressing room. NEWSLINK

Madhuri promotes SMILE for oral B
Mumbai, February 6 (ANI): Bollywood’s very own Dhak-Dhak girl Madhuri Dixit was recently spotted promoting Oral B’s Smile India campaign in Mumbai. Known for her beautiful smile, Madhuri is the chief smiling officer of this movement for the third time. Speaking on the occasion she highlighted the importance of a healthy smile. When asked about the secret of her beautiful smile, this is what the actress said. Dressed in a beautiful white coat Madhuri as always was rightly dressed as a dentist and looked as gorgeous as ever.VIDEO HERE

Purchase Scam: GDC principal in dock
Srinagar, Feb. 6 — An RTI filed last year brought a mega scam in Government Dental College (GDC) Srinagar / Jammu to the fore. Months later the State Vigilance Organisation (SVO) initiated a probe which according to the sources has indicted many top officers of the Dental college which includes the principal. However, till date the Govt is unable to take departmental action against the officials involved in this scam. As the Medical Education portfolio has been given to Taj Mohi-ud-Din, will the new Mantri take action against the accused? FULL STORY

Robot patients help doctors polish their skills
See Video here

3D Printing Technology to revolutionise Dental Industry
(AEEDC) 5-7 February 2013 in Dubai, highlighted continuing education, innovation, science and technology in the field of dentistry, the influence, impact and reach of the growing 3D printing industry is once again highlighted.
As industry leaders spearheading innovation in 3D printing service solutions in the GCC, PRECISE has entered into a collaborative agreement with Dubai-based MAPTEC, engineering specialists providing cutting edge 3D printers and scanners in the region, to develop and promote the growing potential for the new generation 3D technology. NEWSLINK

Tooth Eye link is REAL
Several publications in medical literature describe intra-ocular complications after different dental procedures. Results:  Retinal detachment and vitreous hemorrhage following dental extraction with an appropriate anesthesia. Conclusion:  Systemic complications following dental treatments should not be neglected and proper medical treatment must be provided as soon as possible. (Gerodontology. 2013 Mar;30(1):83-4) FULL PAPER

New Invisalign material promises better tracking
February 6, 2013 — Align Technology is working to improve orthodontic outcomes and patient compliance with its newest clear aligner material, SmartTrack.
The new material also yields better rotations and better extrusions with attachments when compared with the G3 and G4 versions of Invisalign, according to John Morton, director of research and technology at Align. NEWSLINK

Overweight Linked to Higher Risk of Gum Disease
Impacting approximately one-third of the U.S. population, obesity is a significant health concern for Americans. It’s a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain forms of cancer, and now, according to an article published in the January/February 2013 issue of General Dentistry, the peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), it also may be a risk factor for gum disease. MORE HERE


Bangalore Dentist badly beaten after death of kid in dental chair..

Exec member of DCI resigns..

Arrested members of DCI use mobile in JAIL

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