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March 31, 2012

New MDS program, Council Sec axed, Dental Chain, Stem cell awareness, Research Asia,Tooth brush daily

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New Masters program in oral biology
Maratha Mandal’s Nathajirao G. Halgekar Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Center, Belgaum has been permitted by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore and Government of Karnataka to start a new course in oral health sciences; Msc in Oral Biology. Oral Biology is a new discipline which is research oriented and focuses on combining basic science research and clinical research which can lead to developing new techniques for diagnosing, preventing and controlling oral diseases. LINK

New MDS programs at Kashmir
According to the Principal Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Srinagar the Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Ghulam Nabi Azad has approved three more MDS Courses (Post Graduate Course) for the College and Hospital.
The new disciplines approved are Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Oral Medicine and Radiology and Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge with two seats each from the academic session 2012-13.
The approval has been conveyed to the College authorities. The College authorities had earlier taken up the matter with the Government of Jammu & Kashmir and University of Kashmir. NEWSLINK

DCI postpones Test
It is hereby informed to all the concerned applicants those who have been awarded foreign dental qualifications and are willing to apply to DCI for appearing in the Screening Test Examination for the purpose of recognition of their foreign dental qualifications, that the date of Screening Test Examination which was to be conducted on 2.4.2012 will be now on 27th April 2012. LINK

Indian dental clinic chain Re branded – White Dental Care
Alliance Dental Care, a subsidiary of Alliance Medicorp, has rebranded its dental clinics chain Apollo Dental Centres to White Dental Care. The company is a joint venture between Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited and medical technology company Trivitron Healthcare.
The company has launched four formats with a different pricing strategy, including Dental Spa as a super-specialty luxury brand, Dental Studio as the second line after the spa, Dental Clinics as neighbourhood clinics and Dental Express, which would mainly address the beauty aspects of dental care, with instant smile enhancement and teeth-whitening procedures in airports, malls and Apollo hospitals.
According to the company announcement, it is expected to expand from the current 30 clinics to 100 clinics in different formats across the country in the next two years. NEWSLINK

Asians catch up in global research index
Japan: Research institutions in the Asia Pacific region have increased their output of scientific publications, new figures from the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) in Tokyo indicate. According to the annual Nature Publishing Index made public last week, researchers from the region were co-authors of one out of four papers published in NPG’s Nature research journals worldwide in 2011.

Fibre-optic sensor research honoured by AP dental student body Philippines comes out tops in Dentsply Asia Student Clinician Competition
Despite the recession and March earthquake and tsunami, researchers from Japan were the most productive (involved in 10 per cent of all papers), followed by contributors from China, Australia, the Republic of Korea and Singapore. An increasing output of papers by researchers in Taiwan and India was also observed, which were ranked sixth and seventh in the index, respectively, and these countries have the potential to rival Singapore next year, an NPG spokesperson said. MORE HERE

MCI secretary removed
The Centre on Friday removed Sangeeta Sharma as Secretary of the Medical Council of India (MCI), after the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet rejected her appointment.

Dr. Sharma was appointed Secretary in March last year, when she was still under probation but she put in her papers in June, alleging harsh treatment by the Council’s new Board of Governors.
The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had raised serious objections to her appointment — by the previous Board, led by S.K. Sarin, just a few weeks before it was disbanded — on the grounds that she did not fulfil the eligibility criteria and was facing corruption cases.LINK

Tooth Tattoo Diagnoses Illness And Alerts Doctors
Scientists at Princeton University have developed a sensor that could be tattooed onto your tooth, diagnose an infection, and transmit that information to medical professionals.
It could come in handy for military personnel in the field to determine whether a wound has become infected, or in hospitals where patients with weakened immune systems are extra vulnerable to bacteria.
Michael McAlpine and his team at Princeton created the remote chemical sensor starting with graphene, a one-atom-thick layer of carbon. Onto that they incorporated a peptide that had to have a dual function: stick to the graphene and detect bacteria at the single cell level. They found a peptide rich in “aromatic residues,” which are apparently sticky, and combined that with another one they isolated from a tropical frog that’s super sensitive to three specific bacteria. An RFID incorporated into all of that can communicate alerts about an infection. NEWSLINK

The Fairy Tooth Palace
An artist has molded a stunning glass sculpture dubbed the Fairy Tooth Palace after making it out of milk teeth donated by children.
It may look like a magical palace straight out of The Chronicles of Narnia or Lord of the Rings but this stunning sculpture has actually been created to raise awareness about stem cell research.
Artist Gina Czarnecki sculpted the two-metre-high palace from clear crystal resin and then used milk teeth to make it appear like coral is growing over the structure. MORE HERE

How milk tooth may save your kid’s life
Still relatively new in India, dental stem cell banking is fast gaining popularity as a more viable option over umbilical cord blood banking.
Stem cell therapy involves a kind of intervention strategy in which healthy, new cells are introduced into a damaged tissue to treat a disease or an injury.
“The umbilical cord is a good source for blood-related cells, or hemaotopoietic cells, which can be used for blood-related diseases, like leukaemia (blood cancer). Having said that, blood-related disorders constitute only four percent of all diseases,” Shailesh Gadre, founder and managing director of the company Stemade Biotech, said. LINK

Recyclable tooth brush
Engineers have developed a cardboard toothbrush that could replace not only disposable toothbrushes in hotels and aeroplanes but also conventional household toothbrushes. The materials used in manufacturing this toothbrush are bio-based, renewable and fully recyclable.
First smart toothbrush with Bluetooth interface
According to the German Federal Environmental Agency, experts agree that plastic products decompose extremely slowly. Depending on environmental conditions, they estimate that plastic bags, for instance, take up to 500 years to decompose. LINK


DCI cracks whip on Migrating teachers ….

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