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February 27, 2012

New DCI member, Teeth supply liver cells, MDS ads, Smile India, Child death, Individualised medicine

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New guidelines for advertising, DCI please follow suit
“The duty of all dental professionals is to put their patients’ interests first.  Related to advertising, this means never making claims that could mislead patients. This new guidance will help to ensure that patients’ basic right to clear, accurate information is protected and that dental professionals have helpful guidance to assist them with ethical advertising.” LINK

New Member elected to DCI
Dr. R.P.Luthra for Dental council of India from Himachal Pradesh University CLICK HERE

Rotary Endodontics helps you to save time & is more economical
This study compared root canal treatments performed before and after education in a nickel–titanium rotary technique (NiTiR) with respect to costs for instrumentation and number of instrumentation sessions in a County Public Dental Service in Sweden.
Study found that time taken for treatment and instrumentation cost was less after dentists were given training in Rotary Endo, Learn ROTARY ENDO TODAY
IEJ Online Feb 2012

Dentist produced in India are BEST ?
However, the training in the Indian colleges is better than that in most other countries, stressed the dean. “All through their graduation and post graduation, they are busy counselling patients and only attend a handful of them. Our students have three years of practical, clinical experience, having already attended hundreds of patients independently,” he said. This made them better equipped to handle cases when they set up practices or join hospitals. LINK

READER RESPONSE: There are some good dental colleges in India, but to make a general statement is absurd. Dr Mansingh Pawar is at best delusional when he compares foreign graduates to our own graduates ….Read FULL RESPONSE by DR GP
Do you AGREE, email your response to

Dentist a victim of riots
The riot victim is Dr Yunus Bhavnagari, who not only saved himself but also 13 others in his family as well as neighborhood. However, he still had to face prosecution and prove his innocence during police investigation. Bhavnagari and his son Aamir, who is also a dentist and talented shooter, were arrested by the police for allegedly murdering a youth during the 2002 riots. They spent traumatic three months in jail. MORE HERE

Teeth ‘transform into liver cells’
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), the noxious mix that smells of rotten eggs and is a major cause of halitosis, appears to help transform the cells into liver cells, said a team from Nippon Dental University, Tokyo.
The researchers, whose findings are published in the Journal of Breath Research, published by the Institute of Physics, said their work suggested liver cells could be produced in high numbers to a high quality. MORE HERE

MDS advertisements, optimize revenue or FILL seats– email us your views

How companies mislead you about their products
One can find that certain advertisements “stretch the truth” regarding applications, while in other situations industry misrepresents efficacy of the product. Recent news stories below
describe these misrepresentations.
The FDA sent Dentsply International a letter in  January 2011 outlining inaccuracies in advertisements related  to a product sold under the name “Oraqix”. The letter specified
“The direct mailers and journal ad are false or misleading because they omit and minimize risk information associated with  Oraqix, make unsubstantiated superiority claims, overstate the
efficacy, and broaden the indication of the drug.FULL PAPER

Child dies during dental visit
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey dentist on probation for an earlier incident in which a patient died is under investigation after a second child has died in his care during a routine procedure.
The Star-Ledger of Newark reports that a three-year-old boy died during a Feb. 8th visit to Dental Health Associates in Irvington.
Dentist Patrick Bamgboye was still on probation for a 2004 incident in which a six-year-old girl died in his care. LINK

Dental implants- Tricky issue
Remember that dental implant failure is a recognized complication, so it is very difficult to hold a doctor responsible if your procedure has not gone right.
“To win a botched dental implant case in court, you have to get the statement certified by another medical practitioner. In West Bengal, it is next to impossible to find a doctor who will go on record against another one,” says Anil Karmakar, secretary, Council of Consumer Guidance, West Bengal. MORE HERE

Download full journal of clinical orthodontics Jan 2012 issue
This is latest issue and has many clinical tips and useful case report, FULL JOURNAL

Multi-Purpose Attachment (MPA)
There are many clinical situations wherein bonding a bracket or a tube onto a tooth is difficult for an orthodontist or it is uncomfortable for the patients due to space constraint, occlusal interference or trauma to the oral tissues. In such situations “Multi-Purpose Attachment (MPA)” can be used. It has a body that is very thin – 0.4 mm. and a lumen through which a ligature wire or an 0.016” arch wire can pass. See pic below, Click to see large view , Order HERE

India should SMILE

Advancing Personalized Medicine: Tailoring Drugs to Fit each patient
Drugs are not equally effective on all patients. A treatment that is dramatically effective on some patients can be ineffective on others. Drugs can also have serious side effects; in the worst case, a drug used to treat a disease can produce a fatal outcome. By examining genetic differences among individuals and administering drugs on the basis of such findings, the impact of side effects can be reduced. Taisei Mushiroda, the Laboratory Head of the Research Group for Pharmacogenomics at the RIKEN Center for Genomic Medicine, is making advances in personalized medicine with research into how drugs can be tailored to a patient’s genetic information through the analysis of single nucleotide. MORE HERE


MDS now available as a part time course ?

Oman has new Dental College, Apply


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