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December 20, 2010

What is indexed medical/dental journal, Publish or Perish-India, Smile India by Oral B

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What is Indexed Journal ?

We have been around for long- say about 40 years and never there was such feverish enthusiasm to publish. Thanks to DCI which in its 2007 PG course rules made it mandatory for a PG guide to have publication else he will not be eligible as a PG teacher. Ten years have passed and now you see teachers making efforts to publish their thesis.

Requirement was that publication should be in an INDEXED Journal. There are many indexing services BUT for most Medline indexing is what is counted. Many did not understand this fact and even published in what are essentially trade magazines.

As far as we could find out only three journals from India are indexed with Medline:

Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry
Indian J Dent Res
J Conserv Dent

Now it may take over 20 years to publish in them for all our faculty, so it was getting a bit tricky, DCI has now released a new list which is now valid, CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD

Sooo many new associations sprang up and many dental colleges also started new journals in desperation, only time would show how many would survive.

Getting your journal selected in Medline is a rigorous process and takes time, you can see details HERE

Many have no clue on how to go about doing it, some people are making quick bucks in the heat, Dr Suhas is offering courses to Train you if you want, LINK

Celebrities, Dentists and Oral B launches ‘Smile India Movement”
Prachi Desai & Sonali Bendre are seen in this launch video.
Oral-B, the No.1 toothbrush brand used by dentists worldwide, in association with leading dentists across India, have announced the launch of the Oral-B ‘Smile India’ Movement. ‘Smile India’ is aimed at increasing awareness and educating the nation on the significance of oral health thus making India’s smile more healthy and confident.
The agenda of the movement is to edify the nation on basic oral hygiene by encouraging more and more consumers to pledge to the campaign.

Oral B has also released results of a national survey conducted by AC Nielsen..MORE HERE

Dr Shobha Tandon bids Good Bye to Manipal
Dr Shobha Tandon Dean of Manipal Dental college after serving this great institution for many long years she has gone closer to her home in Lucknow. We wish her all the best.

Indian Orthodontic Soc Election
Keenly fought election, Dr Pradeep Chandra Shetty (DCI) got elected as president and Dr A V Arun as Secretary. Congratulations to both of them and rest of the team.

Junior dental surgeons’ in fight with DME at Guwahati
The Junior Doctors’ Association (JDA) of the Regional Dental College (RDC) here burnt the effigy of the State’s Director of Medical Education (DME) resenting his comments on the status of the dental surgeons.
The RDC JDA is on an agitation for an indefinite period demanding improvement in the infrastructure, provision of necessary staff and parity of stipend with their MBBS counterparts. Today was the fourth day of the agitation.
The RDC JDA said in a statement that the DME had observed that there is a vast difference between the workload of the RDC JDA and that of the Medical College JDA. Therefore, the RDC JDAs who perform less work, should not demand equal benefits with the JDAs of the Medical Colleges. MORE HERE

10 best uses for a USB drive
The humble pen drive has been around for a long time. Prices have never been cheaper, and larger capacities are easily available too. If you’re a computer user, you probably have several of them. Apart from using them to just transport your data, there are a myriad other uses for one, as long as you have a one with a decent capacity and speed. For most of these uses, a 2GB drive (prices start at Rs 250) is more than sufficient, though as is always the case with digital storage, more the merrier!  MORE

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