Freed of dentist rape charge, Dentist friends conman, Madrid calling

Man freed of charge of raping a 30 year old dentist in Delhi region
A man has been acquitted of charges of raping and threatening a 30-year-old woman dentist. The court said the man and the dentist woman met through a matrimonial site. They approached their families for marriage, but the man’s mother disapproved of the woman. Without insisting on marriage, the woman agreed for physical relations and became pregnant…MORE HERE

Fascinating story of this dentist/film actor who loves a conman ?
Sukesh Chandrasekhar and his partner Leena Maria Paul (dentist) whom he met when she was studying dentistry in b lore, were arrested by Mumbai Police’s Economic Offences Wing for running a Ponzi scheme. They are suspect in Dinkaran s middleman..MORE HERE

Madrid Calling you
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Punjab CM orders crackdown on pvt medical/dental colleges ..

Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh orders crackdown on private medical, dental colleges

Indian American dentist Surya Dhakar running for Virginia House of Delegates..CLICK HERE

Severe gum disease strongly predicts higher mortality in cirrhosis.CLICK HERE


Fake PhD, Dentist maid jumps to death, Dentist looses 41000 to caller, Order online

Gian sagar pvt dental college in mess, Govt asks to pay 108 crore, considers closure
As the state government will set in motion cancellation of the permissions to Gian Sagar Medical College by slapping a show-cause notice anytime in next two days, the institute’s management will be asked to clear liability of Rs 108 crore, it is learnt. “The government notice will carry the deadline for the management to clear the here

Bangalore dentist booked for abetment of suicide of 12 yr Asamese maid servant ...CLICK HERE

Get fake PhD for 1.75 Lakh
BENGALURU: Former law minister and senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA in Karnataka S Suresh Kumar has been offered an honorary doctorate by ‘The Victoria Global University’ against a payment of Rs 1.75 lakh as university fee, donation, registration and consultation charges. ..NEWSLINK

12 Year old maid of dentist jumps to death from 9 floor, exposes trafficking racket
A child-trafficking racket has reportedly been exposed in Bengaluru with the police saying over 150 minor girls were trafficked across India.
The death of a 12-year-old girl, who was trafficked to the city to work as a maid, led to the trafficking racket being busted by the police. Child worked for couple, chartered account Vishal Mutt and dentist Garima Grover, have been booked for aiding her suicide. ..NEWSLINK

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Mumbai dentist duped for 41000 by unknown caller …CLICK HERE

Govt sanctions 50 crore for new Govt dental college in TN ...CLICK HERE

Maharashtra dental college fined 30 lakhs by supreme Court...CLICK HERE

Gang steals lady dentist purse from Car in Delhi, Dentist fined for display of unapproved qualification

Thak-Thak gang steals dentist’s bag with 2500 US dollars in Delhi
New Delhi: A woman dentist walked into a trap allegedly laid by members of the thak-thak gang when she was parking her car near her office in Laxmi Nagar on Saturday morning.
The woman told the cops that her purse having around 2,500 US dollars and Rs. 30,000 cash was stolen by one of the youths who knocked at her window, gesturing that something had fallen outside the car. NEWSLINK

Dentist fined for displaying unapproved qualifications
A dentist has had a $50,000 fine slapped on him for displaying a set of qualifications that had not been approved by the Singapore Dental Council (SDC). MORE HERE

Now Indians Need ‘Schengen’ Type One Visa To Visit Malaysia, Indonesia And Singapore ... LINK

Dentist accused of sexual harassment in presence of Indian nurse
KUWAIT: A woman accused a dentist of sexual harassment, saying that he committed his behavior inside his clinic in the presence of an Indian nurse. She said that the dentist harassed her for more than a minute before she confronted him. The dentist was summoned for questioning. LINK

Convert 2d x ray to 3 D image to help in Surgeries, see BBC news below ...SITE LINK HERE

Asian X ray units may be dangerous
COLOGNE, Germany: German authorities took radiographic units of three Asian manufacturers out of service during this year’s IDS. The devices were displayed ready for operation, although this is prohibited owing to harmful radiation. Whether trade fair visitors were radiographed with the machines before the inspection remains unclear.The exhibitors were warned and the operation of the radiographic units prohibited. The devices which looked like cameras. The batteries of the devices were handed over by the authority to the hosting organiser Koelnmesse for safekeeping until the end of the show. LINK

How to reduce implant failure
Done using new nanocoating for dental implants. The significance of our new study is that we have successfully applied a dual-layered silver-hydroxyapatite nanocoating to titanium alloy medical implants which helps to overcome these risks,” he continued. The results are published in the journal Nanotoxicology. MORE HERE

Software turns 2D X-rays into 3D images to aid surgeons
BBC looks at some of the start-ups at Indian Institutes of Technology Bombay’s Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship...BBC LINK


Dentists protest at Jantar mantar to remove Mazumdar, 4 yr old dies, Dentist fined in UAE

Hong Kong and Singapore needs more dentists urgently
According to a Hong Kong government report due to be released in the next several months, most of the city’s medical professions—including dentistry—will face shortages in the next ten years…In Singapore, this situation is presently a lived reality in the dental profession. Here, foreign-trained dentists already made up the majority of new dentists registered in recent years. For example, in 2014, only 46 of the 187 newly registered dentists were local graduates ...NEWSLINK

New Device makes it easy to eliminate rct infection
“SafeRoot will reduce the time for root canal completion and will increase the success rate of treatments by letting the dentist know when it’s safe to proceed with filling the tooth..MORE HERE



Hundreds of Dentists protest at Jantar mantar on DCI corruption
The dentists who reached Jantar Mantar in the national capital from all across the country to protest against corruption in DCI have alleged that the government is not scrutinising the election and nomination of members to the council as mandated. “A lot of members are accepted illegally from State Dental Tribunals which are invalid today,” said Dr JM Jeyaraj, a dentist from Tamil Nadu.
The group of dentists have demanded the Union Health Ministry to expedite all corruption cases and to eliminate illegal members of the council. “The central government should validate all elected and nominated members as per the Dentist Act and DCI election rules 1952 and notify them. The ministry should expel Dr Mazumdar and entrust the council’s vice president to act as president till fresh elections are held,” said Dr Jeyaraj....MORE HERE

4 Year old dies at dental clinic
“I’ve never heard of a 4-year-old going to the dentist and dying.” Mykel Peterson’s mother, Thmeka Curry, is at a loss for answers after her only child’s sudden death last Friday. Curry said she took her pre-schooler to the Must Love Kids dental practice in Vancouver for planned tooth surgery — a place they had been to before.
Instead of giving him gas to go to sleep for the surgery, Curry said an anesthesiologist gave him a shot, and she rocked him until he fell asleep….MORE HERE

Dentist fined for causing disability to patient
A dental surgeon who was convicted of causing a permanent disability to a patient after a dental treatment has had his Dh5,000 fine upheld by the Federal Supreme Court.
Court documents stated that the Arab patient complained to authorities about the doctor after he experienced a persistent tingling sensation in his lower lip after a tooth treatment.
A medical report said the patient’s lower lip sensation was affected by 50 percent from its original form because of a medical error...NEWSLINK

This Lady dentist is a power weight lifter 215 kg to win award
In her fourties Dr Dimple Mehta works about 3 hours daily. ..MORE HERE   – English LINK 2
Indian-origin dentist to pay $250,000 in fraud case
An Indian-origin dentist is to pay $250,000 to settle a fraud case involving treatment of children enrolled in a government insurance for the poor, according to a federal prosecutor in Texas...NEWSLINK

DCI proposes all India register for dentists
The Dental Council of India (DCI) is proposing to go for a centralised registry akin to the Medical Council of India (MCI) for dentists across the country. The registry would be having separate sections, indicating in which States the dental professionals are currently registered and practising.LINK

Maharashtra Govt may take over dental admissions
THE STATE government is preparing to take over the counselling and admission process for private and deemed medical and dental institutes, a step it has been considering for almost two years. A notice on this will be issued soon by the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER)..MORE HERE

Lady Dentist jumps from 4th floor, Hub of DCI politics, Rise and fall of Shah, why tooth fell out with braces

Dentist jumps off fourth floor
Mohali, February 28
A 31-year-old woman dentist (BDS) allegedly jumped to death from the fourth floor of a residential complex in Sector 68 here this morning.
According to the police, the incident occurred around 11.30 am at Darshan Vihar in Sector 68. The victim, Dr Divya Sood, daughter of a retired Colonel, died on the spot. She was residing at her parents’ flat, located on the third floor in the Darshan Vihar residential complex here…NEWSLINK

Former DCI secretary Dr SK Ojha wins in CAT
He was suspended on 16-07-2015. He appealed in CAT.  Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) sets aside his suspension order.
Hub of DCI politics -Vijaywada
Vijaywada has become the hub of DCI politics and two colleges are facing charges of promoting non professional elements in the council..LINK

Dentist who Founded University, Sold Seats, And Then Marks
AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat Anti-Corruption Bureau’s probe against Mansukh Shah, the founder of a chain of medical, dental and management institutes in Gujarat arrested this week, has exposed the underbelly of private education. Shah, 50, was arrested by the ACB on Monday on charges of accepting Rs. 20 lakh from a student for admission to Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, a university that he had set up in Vadodara.
But 48 hours later, investigators allege that the accused – who started out as a dentist from a small clinic less than three decades back – appeared to have perfected the art of making money.…MORE HERE

Outcome /risks of Do it yourself braces ...LINK

How dental colleges flouted admission rules and no one cared ....LINK

Dialdent – Aims to be the Largest Dental Care Provider in India in Next 3 Years ...LINK