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Care For Teeth During Pregnancy

"Yes, doctor, I am relieved of the pain now, but what if it recurs?" As I tried to answer the question, I felt helpless, because I couldn't give her a permanent solution right away. The patient was in the ninth month of pregnancy, complaining of tooth ache from deep decay which has reached the pulp (Nerve).

Tooth ache is supposed to be one of the most excruciating pain. Is it justifiable to subject a woman who is about to experience the labour pain to dental pain also? Gynecologists and Obstetricians need to consider this aspect with required seriousness and many a common man is not aware of the importance of the regular Dental Check-up.Now there is growing body of evidence that serious problems can be faced by mother and baby if mouth of pregnant mother is infected. Mouth infection in pregnant females can lead to:

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I came across many pregnant women who were in their last trimester( last 3 months of pregnancy) with toothache. The toothache which is due to the involvement of pulp(Nerve). When tooth decay is allowed to progress without treatment it can involve the nerve at a later stage and at this stage the patient gets severe pain. Most people believe that once the cavity is deep and affects the nerve the tooth should be removed, this is not true any more. Process of saving such a tooth is known as Root Canal treatment. It requires 3-4 sittings and the tooth nerve is removed and the tooth is disinfected. During the third trimester none of the above treatment is usually possible because of delicate mental and physical condition of mother.

In some cases tooth infection can also cause a big swelling , Not many possibilities exist to treat such patients. Only some kind of temporary dressing is given to provide some pain relief. Giving certain strong medicines is usually not advised for the pregnant mother, as it may cause damage to the unborn child.


Maintenance of gums is very important . Pregnant ladies are advised routine cleaning of teeth by a Dentist during early months of pregnancy. Increase of Hormones in body during this period easily leads of swollen gums unless the teeth are kept absolutely clean. Gum swelling can also make the teeth loose during pregnancy, because during the labour (pain)some women clench their teeth very strongly, it can cause damage to teeth which will last lifelong.

Good nutrition of mother also helps in getting strong teeth for the child. Taking of regular calcium and other vitamins supplements can be useful for this purpose in addition to taking a good and balanced diet.

One study has pointed out that number of women loosing all their teeth at an early age is higher than the male counterparts , is it fair? it is high time that women got there share of Dental Care. More importantly if mothers realise the importance and methods of maintaining good teeth the children of these mothers would also benefit and have healthy teeth.

"Pregnancy often causes food cravings, and constant snacking on sugary food and beverages can lead to a buildup of dental plaque," explains Ada Cooper, D.D.S., ADA consumer advisor and a general dentist in New York. "In addition, the rising hormone levels that accompany pregnancy can irritate gums already battling plaque buildup. Some dentists might recommend more frequent cleanings during the second or early third trimester to control gingivitis."

Most women are under the care of an Obstetrician from the beginning of the pregnancy. I make an appeal to all Lady Doctors and would be mothers. Would be mothers should make it a point to get complete Dental check-up before of during early stages of pregnancy. I request all the Lady doctors to explain to such patients and refer them for a regular Dental Check-up.

Torture for the baby inside: Do you know the impact of mothers emotions and pains on the baby inside ? You may not mind suffering the agony of tooth pain, but does the kid in your womb deserve to experience the excruciating tooth pain even before being born?

 A would-be mother should realise the importance of dental check-ups, and attend to any dental problems at the early stage. When playing with your beautiful child would you like to kiss him with bad, decayed teeth and foul smelling mouth?

Gum disease can be safely treated during pregnancy and appears to significantly reduce the risk of premature birth associated with periodontal disease, Pennsylvania researchers report.
"This study has potential implications" for the calculations dentists make when deciding whether to treat gum disease during pregnancy, they write in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (sept 2010, FULL REPORT). It would be wise for you to begin seing your dentist same time as you see your gyni.

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