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Dental Diseases: Irregular Teeth

Your face is your identity, and teeth make an important part of your face, besides giving you a beautiful smile, which adds a new dimension to your personality. This smile can be ruined if teeth are placed abnormally. Teeth may be placed in more forward position or may have improper alignment or may have too many spaces between them. Technical term to describe this abnormal alignment of teeth is "Malocclusion". The specialists who treat these irregularities best are known as orthodontist.

Usually the milk teeth are less likely to get these problems. Naturally there are spaces between the milk teeth because of small size. If the spaces are reduced or completely absent, one can predict that such a child has a high possibility of getting irregular teeth in future.(In such case start an early consultation with your specialist)

Many people ask why such problems? Most of these problems are because of small jaw size and comparatively larger teeth size, so teeth either project out or if the lip muscles are strong, teeth become irregularly aligned. Why such things occur, there are two main explanations:

1.Some times it is told that genetically the child may get small jaw size from mother and big teeth from father.

2. But more important as we see, most of children don’t eat enough hard food. Present day kids eat a lot of chocolates and soft pressure cooked food, this does not give any exercise to jaws and its muscles, and jaws remain small in size and can not accommodate all the teeth.

Habits also are an important factor. These days where both parents work child has more insecurity and psychological problem, such children are more likely to suck thumb or finger. Such habits can cause teeth to project out if the habit is continued beyond age of 4 years. Mouth being kept open because of large tonsils or nasal obstruction has the same effect. These problems should be treated immediately by consulting the specialist.

Another most common cause is the neglect of the milk teeth during early years. When the milk teeth get large cavities at an early age and are pulled out they lead to shifting of teeth at the backside. When new teeth come there is no space for them to come out.

Jaw growth also can be out of proportion, sometimes the lower jaw may grow more than the upper or vice versa. Such problems also can the treated by the orthodontist.

Many a time it is asked what is the correct age to treat these problems? An average age is twelve, but there are variations and it is best left to the specialists to decide the best timing for treatment. If the gum health is good this treatment can be done for adults also, patients as old as 50 years also have been treated with excellent results. Special transparent attachments are available to make the smile look less metallic for such adults, this makes treatment for adults more acceptable and less embarrassing.

Apart from making your smile beautiful, correction of irregular or projecting teeth also helps to :

  1. Improve your gum health.
  2. Get you rid of bad breath as your teeth can be easily cleaned by brushing.
  3. Improves your chewing efficiency.
  4. Reduces chances of getting cavities.

The Myth:

Teeth extraction: Because of the size of the jaw being unable to accommodate all the teeth, as a part of treatment orthodontist often advice removal of certain teeth. This allows the remaining teeth to be aligned in proper way. Many a patient asks whether it will effect the eyesight. There is no scientific evidence to show any such effect.

Teeth becoming weak: Patients also ask if teeth will become loose after the treatment with clips. If the gums are healthy before starting the treatment and a competent specialist has done the treatment, you should enjoy normal teeth health for rest of your life.

Spaces will be left: Patients ask "if the teeth are pulled out for treatment whether spaces will be left"? If the treatment is done after careful planning no spaces are left after the treatment and one normally can not make out if any teeth were removed at all. With the improvement in the treatment techniques and materials lesser number of patients now require the extraction of teeth for improving the alignment.

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