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How To deal with a Medical Problem

Times have changed. It pays if you are well informed about your disease/ problem. This will help you to discuss better with your doctor and get the best. The First step towards getting well, is to understand as much as possible about your ailment. There is a lot of free information on the Internet. Rule of Thumb: If you are WISE you will not blindly trust your doctor. You will try to understand and learn about your DISEASE, your DRUGS, and TESTS that are advised by your doctor. You should understand WHO is most concerned about your welfare and health, its YOU alone and no one else, if you take your own health in a casual manner then you have no right to complaint if anything goes wrong.

More you learn about your body and its ailments and why they tend to happen, you will be able to look for solutions. Taking medications for long term is never a great idea, there is always some way in which you can transform your lifestyle and lead a natural happy and healthy life.

Nice site to learn about your health issues can be http://www.noah-health.org/

To see a free educational lecture CLICK HERE

To begin with, look up the Health Encyclopedias  

You can also look up the specific links listed below

Before popping pills again, Click here:  
Antibiotics are not always the solution, infact they can ......... ..


Learn about your disease  at medicinenet, or read the Merk manuel
Consult a specialist or physician at Mayo 

InteliHealth - Home to Johns Hopkins Health Information

Know about your diagnostic tests, about surgical procedures

Learn about your drugs, your body anatomy

For Chronic ailments try Nontraditional treatments 
Visit Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality for many useful educative documents
See consumer education links 
Top Consumer Health Links
Consumer Health Resources on the Internet

For more links on consumer health, visit
Consumer Health Resources
Cochrane Consumer  
Join discussion groups of people having same problem, or search for your disease on Google Groups  
Search Medline to see medical publications about your disease Do a free Medline Search

Visit some of these good sites
http://www.health-dir.com, a very big directory of all kinds of healthsites
www.lifepositive.comAn encyclopedia for complementary therapies
Australian Resource on health

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